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Andex Green Walls: Vertical garden at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPC

The presence of green areas are not only an esthetic component, but also of great ecological importance. They filter the polluted air, absorb moisture and heat, capture the carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, and provide us with oxygen. In summary, improves our environment!-. The importance of green areas increases when the planting space is reduced, limited or irregular, as commonly occurs in urban areas, such as Lima and other Peruvian cities. Taking into consideration this problem and of the need to create comfortable and harmonious spaces, we present a novel alternative, ANDEX GREEN WALL vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens ANDEX GREEN WALL are natural gardens planted in modules as part of a vertical structure that can be easily fixed to a wall or façade of brick, cement, wood, sheet metal, plaster and others. The modular system of ANDEX GREEN WALL, allows access to plants individually, thus optimizing its management and maintenance.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned and the protection they give, the structures where they are set are practical because they can be installed both indoors and outdoors, adapt to different shapes or dimensions, can divide spaces, can be fixed or mobile, likewise can be changed  as many times as desired. The design can vary by exchanging colours and creating another esthetic in the place.

Given the advantages of the ANDEX GREEN WALLS, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias (UPC)  decided to apply our system at its central Campus located in Monterrico – Surco.

The construction of what would become our country’s largest vertical garden  began in October 2012. The total area of the garden of the UPC is 180 m2 approx. (12 m wide and 15m long approx). ANDEX GREEN WALLS gardens were ideal to be applied in this project since it could be installed separated from the wall on 15 cm to provide stability and security, thanks to its waterproof structure and modularity.

For the installation of the ANDEX GREEN WALL system, anchors were distributed through the length and width of the garden. ANDEX GREEN WALL system was of quick and easy installation since they can be installed by modules.

ANDEX GREEN WALL system’s modules feature special compartments fot the installation of an irrigation system by drip. This way, once assembled the structure, we proceeded to the installation of the automatic irrigation system. The proper design of the irrigation system is important to ensure the viability of the vertical garden. In the case of the UPC, a Fertigation system automatic was settled, which is composed of a tank of water, a fertilizer tank, a pump 1.5 HP and accessories with their respective timer control board. This way the irrigation would be dosed according to the requirement of the plants.

In last plase was the placement of the plants. These were chosen based on atmospheric characteristics of the area, taking into consiteration, the level of exposure to light, humidity and orientation. Perennials of low maintenance that presents a harmonious combination and the scenic concept of campus were chosen. It should be noted that ANDEX GREEN WALL system allows to hold a considerable amount of substrate, which makes the plants develop and adapt according to the vertical system and also give them a more natural treatment since the requirement of chemicals is lower in relation to other systems such as the hydroponic.

ANDEX GREEN WALL vertical gardens are  a living painting in the cities, making them more friendly and comfortable. Aware of the major problems that has our planet and that the footprint is endless, we seek that this wall covered with vegetation is a living art that inspires an improvement in the attitude of the people towards the environment. Covering cities with beautiful gardens is our commitment to make these areas a friendly place with responsibility and commitment to our environment.

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